Virtual Camp Team Tournament & Extra Credit


1st: TEAM ESCRIMA____________2nd: TEAM BO____________3rd TEAM TONFA

Special Mentions: Congrats to Team Bo who had the most videos! Congrats to Team Escrima and Team Tonfa who had the fewest people but were still super successful! Congrats to Team Knife who showed super-power creativity! Congrats to Team Sword for the best weapons work!

Congrats to Team TKA for making 613 videos with 40,000 views and counting! WOW!


Welcome to Virtual Karate Camp 2020, Team Tournament! Help your team earn points and have FUN! See your TEAM LIST here! Check out the extra credit below!

In case you missed the kickoff, here is a presentation showing you how fun and easy it is to participate in the team tournament and extra credit!

Tournament Challenge Rules:

  1. Teams earn points when campers take on challenges (called TOPICS) and submit fun videos via Flipgrid.com/TKAcamp.
  2. All team members will login to Flipgrid with their team name as their ID, and create videos for as many topics as they want.
  3. Each team member can only submit a challenge video once. Ex: the same team member cannot submit 4 hook kick videos, but 4 DIFFERENT members of the team can.
  4. Team meetings via Zoom – 11:30am – 12:00 daily meetings with breakout rooms for teams. “Team Time” is not mandatory, but it’s a great place to see your teammates, discuss extra credit, and plan your victory!


We will be using Flipgrid.com/TKAcamp to share challenge submissions. Its super easy. Use the website or download the app to your phone, login with your team name, and record a video under any challenge topic! Watch the video tutorial below for more information:

Challenges: Topics

1 Point Challenges:

  • Reveal yourself, Ninja!
  • Team spirit
  • Power punches!
2 Point Challenges:

  • Fruit Ninja
  • Be a jujitsu instructor
  • Kick it for a minute
3 Point Challenges:

  • Future camp shirt
  • Favorite form: xtra fun
  • Paper pickup challenge
  • Cup roller coaster
  • Impersonate an instructor!
4 Point Challenges:

  • Water bottle hook kick
  • Create a form
  • Jump-kick it!
  • Super kick combo
5 Point Challenges:

  • Film a camp advertisement!
  • Film a martial arts movie or trailer!

Extra Credit Rules:

  1. Below is a list of quarantine activities and a mixed-up list of instructors.
  2. Clues will be posted every two days on this page. Keep track!
  3. Extra credit must be submitted via Google Form Here (once) by 12pm Friday. Each correct answer will be worth one point!

Match the Instructor with their Favorite Quarantine Activity!

Fav Quarantine Activities: Instructors: Thurs-Fri Hint Set 3:
Scrapbooking Alysia I’ll meet you at the top of the coconut tree
Zoom meetings Johnny it’s good to have some structure
Online Yoga Kim justice is served
Building a Dry-Stack Wall Dani memories
Walking our dog Jake Can you please go on mute? There’s a strange echo.
Making muffins Pierre Utterly relaxed
Gardening Sreya silicone liners
watching detective shows on TV Sonal hooked on Hazel
Running Outside Theresa internet connection ruining the peace
Doing forms with goats Alex How do they all fit?!?
Playing with my kid Bonnie Daily bounties
Mealignement Nick Unusual partner
YouTube climbing videos Julie Hoping to improve my personal record

If you’re having any problems with the technology or have questions, you can ask your team mates, any instructor, or help@tkasudo.com.

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