! ALERT! Fall classes start the week of September 13 in Howard, Prince George's, and Montgomery counties. Check under "classes" for info.

Montgomery County Classes

General Information

Note: this may not apply to virtual classes. Follow guidance from instructors and Montgomery county representatives. Also, see the table below for an idea of classes we offered before COVID. We hope to return to that schedule as soon as it is possible.

If schools are closed for the day or close early unexpectedly, TKA will not have class. If the school day ends normally but weather is becoming a factor, you may call the inclement weather hotline at: 240.777.6889 for updates.

If the location you choose has a 6:00 o’clock class, beginners must attend that class. The 7:00 o’clock class is for intermediate and advanced youth only. If there is no 6:00 o’clock class at your location, all students attend the 7:00 o’clock class.

Fall Session 2021

Fall classes start the week of September 13 and are under construction. We will update with details in mid-August. Click the blue link below under “registration” to check the status of classes in Montgomery County.


Registration is through the Montgomery County Recreation Department.  To register, visit the ActiveMontgomery website and scroll down to find our classes.  Click the Add to Cart button to the right of your desired class.

Note: you will need to create an ActiveMontgomery account in order to complete your registration.

Youth (ages 6-12) and Adult (ages 13 and up) 

Please Note: (the listings below are the classes that were set for spring 2020 before COVID. It is our goal to return to classes at most of these locations as soon as we are able to do so.)

If the location has a 6:00 o’clock class, beginners must attend that class. The 7:00 o’clock class is for advanced youth only. If there is no 6:00 o’clock class at your location, all students attend the 7:00 o’clock class. 

Location Day Date Youth Adult
Longwood CCMon03/30/20207-8pmN/A
Upper County CCMon03/30/20206-7pm 7-8pm8-9:30pm
Wheaton Community CenterMon03/30/20206:30-7:30pm7:30-9pm
Germantown CCTue03/31/20206-7pm 7-8pm8-9:30pm
Mid-County CCTue03/31/20206:30-7:30pm7:30-9:00pm
Bauer Drive CCWed04/01/20206-7pm 7-8pm8-9:30pm
Clara BartonWed04/01/20207-8pmN/A
Damascus CCWed04/01/20206-7pm 7-8pm8-9:30pm
Potomac CCWed04/01/20206-7pm 7-8pm8-9:30pm
Resnik ESWed04/01/20207-8pmN/A
Stedwick ESWed04/01/20207-8pm8-9:30pm
Bethesda ESThu04/02/20207-8pm8-9:30pm
Long Branch Community CenterThu04/02/20207-8pm8-9:30pm
Marilyn Praisner CCThu04/02/20206-7pm 7-8pm8-9:30pm
North Potomac CRCThu04/02/20206:30-7:30pm7:30-9pm
Holiday Park Senior CenterSat09/12/20209-10:30am

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