The Intramural tournament (TKA students only) is on for December 9. Check under "events" for details. See you there!

Eastern Regional Karate Championships (ERKC)

The Eastern Regional Karate Championships will be May 6, 2023 at Montgomery College in Rockville in the Physical Education building. All martial arts styles are invited to join us for a day of friendly competition and camaraderie. Trophies will be awarded for first through third place in kata, fighting (non-contact, dipped foam gear required), weapons, one-step sparring, and breaking (black belts 16 and older only for breaking). We encourage energy and creativity, but please–no music! Click on the information packet link below for details and more information.

Black belt kata (including weapons and one-step) starts at 10am sharp. Divisions below black belt will begin after the Grand Champions are determined for the black belt kata divisions. Competitors below black belt should check into their rings by 11:30am.

Registration for individuals can be done online (see below), by mail, or at the door. Note that registration at the door the day of the event is by cash only–no credit, no checks. The cost is $55 for one or more events; $6 for spectators 12 and up, $4 for spectators under 12, and $10 for the whole family. There is a discount for groups of 5 or more from the same school as long as registration for all individuals in the group is received at the same time either by regular mail or at the door (group discount is not available by online registration). Contact us for details.

Information Packet

Important note for registration: The divisions for “red belts” are based on TKA red belts who are “lower” ranks with up to a year or so of experience and correspond to yellow or green belts in many other styles. In many styles red belts generally have 2 or more years of experience and correspond to brown belts in TKA. If you are a red belt and have 2 or more years of experience (especially with black belt as your next rank), you should register in the brown belt divisions, not the red belt divisions. We apologize for any confusion. Feel free to contact us with questions.

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