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Let’s Give Your Child the Confidence They Need

TKA is known for our excellent children’s martial arts program.  We’ve been teaching and evolving it for over 50 years and are widely regarded as one of the first martial arts programs accessible to kids.  Kids learn discipline, respect, how to set and achieve goals, and have fun doing it all at a low price.

In addition to working towards Junior black belt (a black belt under 16 years old), students will have fun participating in various class activities and games.  Additionally we offer day camps in the winter and summer and several tournaments and other kid-focused events throughout the year.

While the heart of our curriculum is Tang Soo Do, it is supplemented by Japanese Jujitsu in addition to concepts and techniques from various other martial arts. This provides an extremely comprehensive program.  Some of our traditional modes of practice include:

  • Kata (forms) – Training patterns that teach the basic techniques and patterns of our system.
  • One-Step Sparring – Formal practice in the application of techniques against a real attacker.
  • Jiujitsu – Applying Jujitsu techniques including throws, joint locks, and strikes while defending against various grabbing attacks.
  • Free Sparring – Striking, blocking, and movement vs. an opponent in a controlled manner.

Our instructors recognize that children are very different from adults and that there is a huge difference between a 6 year old and a 12 year old.  We don’t consider ourselves a “black belt factory” and our program isn’t designed around pushing kids through a series of scheduled milestones that culminate in a promotion to black belt at the end of a year or two.  Instead, we work with each child at his/her level and encourage them to progress at an appropriate pace. Much like in life, a student’s progress depends on many factors including his/her age, natural ability, and the level of effort that he/she puts in.


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