! ALERT! Register now for winter classes in Montgomery and Howard counties. MNCPPC classes in Prince George's classes are suspended due to COVID from now through January 30. Classes will resume January 31. Classes at Greenbelt Youth Center are meeting as scheduled. NOTE: THE START DATE FOR CLASSES AT BETHESDA ES HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL FEBRUARY 3.

Introduction to TKA summer camp

We are happy to have you with us and are looking forward to an exciting camp week! We hope the following information will help in you planning for the week.

Each day at camp features from one to 3 martial arts workouts for both kids and adults on topics including the usual areas such as forms, one-step sparring, jujitsu, and free-sparring as well specialty areas including martial arts weapons, other types of martial arts, yoga and much more. Our creative and knowledgeable instructors will provide opportunities to both hone TKA skills as well as to expand your experience and knowledge base. There are also plenty of games and workshops for both kids and adults between the workouts as well as time to relax at the pool or hang out with friends.

Round trip bus transportation for those who require it will leave from the Rockville Campus of Montgomery College. Note: please do not call Montgomery College for directions (the college has nothing to do with camp). The buses will load in parking lot 2 near the north campus entrance. The buses will leave at 12:30 PM sharp on Sunday (the first day of camp). Please be there no later than 12:15 PM. The return time from camp is approximately 11:30 AM the following Saturday and buses will drop students off in parking lot 2 near the north campus entrance where they loaded.  Please be at parking lot 2 no later than 11:15 AM.

Directions: The drive to camp is about 2.5 hours. The Blue Ridge School address is 273 Mayo Dr., St. George, VA 22935. Check in time is 4:00 PM on Sunday. The school does not allow anyone to arrive before 3:00 PM. Please plan your trip accordingly. Check out time is 8:15 AM on Saturday. Students who have not been picked up by that time may be sent home on the bus. Unfortunately, in such an event, a bus fee of $55 will have to be assessed. 

Parking is in designated areas. Cars must be moved from the bus lanes by the time the buses arrive at 3:30 PM. Your personal vehicle is for arrival and departure only. Once there, you will be asked not to use it for any reason without prior arrangements with the camp director.

Upon arrival, students will move into their rooms, tour the grounds, and meet staff and other students. The first workout will be at 8:00 PM on Sunday. All workouts are mandatory and students should dress out unless otherwise instructed. The dress code at camp requires gi pants, belt, and t-shirt. Students should have gi tops available for certain workouts. Full gi is required on the exam and for the first part of the team tournament. Please bring adequate clothing for the week as no washers or dryers are available. 

Dorm space will be allocated by gender and age. Students may not move into rooms set aside for a different age group without permission from the camp director. Permission may be given to move out of the assigned floor at camp only to permit siblings to room together. It is very important for you to impress upon your camper that rooms must be kept in clean condition from the time they arrive until the time they leave the Blue Ridge School. Students will be sleeping in bunk beds. Your camper may be sleeping in a top bunk. 

Campers may bring (or purchase at camp) any karate weapon they wish to study. Weapons classes such as bo, sai, nunchaku, shuriken, cane, sword, tonfa, gusari, escrima, yawara, and kama have all been offered in the past. All weapons must remain in the rooms when not in class or working with an instructor. Instructors may confiscate any item that is deemed dangerous or disruptive. All weapons are to be used ONLY during supervised times. All items should be marked with the camper’s name, especially gis. Use indelible markers whenever possible.

Cell phones may be used in dorms or during recreation time. Cell phones are not permitted at meetings, workouts, or in the cafeteria. TKA staff will not be responsible for any camper’s cell phone under any circumstances. For best results, leave cell phones at home. 

Please do not bring valuables to camp. We can not be responsible for any lost or stolen items. TKA will be responsible for all valuables given to instructors or the camp director personally that are marked with the camper’s name and phone number. Please use an envelope for small items. Your need for spending money will be small. The snack bar at Blue Ridge will be open for limited periods. Remember that the best prices of the year on karate merchandise will be available at the TKA Camp Store. Plan your spending needs accordingly. 

Meals will be served cafeteria style at 8:00 AM, 12:00 Noon, and 6:00 PM. A salad bar is provided at lunch and dinner and no one goes away hungry. No visitors are allowed to partake of any meals (sorry, this includes parents). 

Note: If you have any questions, please call us before camp week at 301-840-9262. The TKA office will be closed the week of camp, therefore, we will not be able to respond to any calls or messages left on the TKA office phone.

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