Event Terms and Conditions

There are risks and dangers associated with participation in martial arts events and activities. Risks and dangers may be caused by the action, inaction, or negligence of the participant or others. Participation is entirely voluntary. Participants (or their parents or guardians) personally and totally assume all risks associated with attending this event, and are responsible for their own safety during the event. Participants (or their parents or guardians) waive the right to sue TKA and TKA instructors for injuries or losses incurred due to participation in this event. Participants (or their parents or guardians) certify that the participants are in proper physical condition to participate in this event. 

I (or my parents or guardians) hereby submit my application for registration in this TKA event. I (or my parents or guardians) agree to waive all claims against any persons connected with TKA, Inc. for any injuries I may sustain and likewise assume full responsibility for all my actions in connection with said event.

I (or my parents or guardians) further agree that any pictures taken of me in connection with said event can be used by TKA for publicity, promotion, marketing or other collateral without consideration at this or any other time. I (or my parents or guardians) have read and understood (or been instructed in) the rules governing this event sponsored by TKA, Inc. I agree to follow those rules in a safe, courteous, and disciplined manner.

I (or my parents or guardians) further agree to accept and abide by the decisions of the officials of the event. Protective gear and mouthguards are mandatory for sparring events.

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