ERKC Rules


  • Matches will be two minutes or two points. All techniques are worth one point.
  • Protective mouth guard, head, foot & hand gear (dipped foam only) required. Foot gear must extend and cover the toe area. Hand gear must cover the knuckle area.
  • Matches are NO contact to the head, controlled touch to the body.  Contact is not required to score.  Headgear is considered part of the head. 
  • Competitors may compete in any division for which they meet the requirements.
  • Faceguards attached to head gear are not permitted.
  • Axe kicks and panic chops are not permitted.
  • Sweeps of the supporting leg are not permitted.
  • The groin is not a legal target.
  • Kicks and gi pants may not be trapped or grabbed.
  • Judges must agree on which specific technique is being scored.


All rules above apply with these exceptions:

  • Matches are three points or two minutes. Head kicks are worth two points.
  • Simultaneous exchange of a head kick and other technique will result in one point being awarded to the head kicker.
  • Controlled touch is allowed to any legal target except the face.


  • Competitors may compete at only one belt level.
  • Order of performance is determined randomly, not by registration order.
  • Ties will be broken by adding the high and low scores to the total. If there is still a tie, competitors will perform again.
  • Music is not allowed.


  • Competitors are to demonstrate defenses against an opponent delivering a single technique with two steps.
  • Strikes, take-downs, throws, chokes, and locks are allowed. Weapons are not allowed for either attacker or defender.
  • Each competitor has a total of 2 minutes to complete their set from the time the competitor is called.
  • Only the defender will compete and receive a trophy. However, mistakes by the attacker will affect the defender’s score.


  • Each competitor has a total of 5 minutes (including set up, performance, and clean up) before they get their scores. Immediate disqualification for going over the time.
  • Boards and cinder slabs only (any other materials must be approved by the head judge prior to the start of the competition.)
  • Competitors are responsible for their own holders.
  • Competitors are responsible for supplying all materials including supports.
  • Competitors are responsible for cleaning up.

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